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For several seasons, ICICLE collaborated with contemporary Chinese ink painter 何兮 He Xi for their MADE IN ART collection.

何兮 He Xi, specialized in contemporary Chinese ink painting, often places flowers birds fish and insects against a stern urban delivering to express a sense of isolation and alienation between the nature and modern society. As one of China's first eco-friendly fashion brands, ICICLE believes in the "unity of heaven and man." The cooperation between ICICLE and 何兮 He Xi realized a special vision of not only bringing their customers closer to nature but also closer to art. Allowing his poignant and profound traditional ink paintings to come to life on fabric and to be worn on garments, enables 何兮 He Xi's commentary on modern society to speak to a wider audience. 

Laura worked with fashion designers 毛汇 Mao Hui and 桂希 GuiCi to realize three seasons of MADE IN ART collections.

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