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Laura's passion for textiles extends not only to design but also to exploring and understanding the history, future, politics and aesthetics of textiles.  

Since its launch Selvedge has become much more than a magazine. As well as a valuable source of inspiration for designers and devotees alike, the Selvedge brand has flourished not only into a spring board for makers and artisans but a strong community of textile lovers, with workshops, fairs and its own store.

From 2006 to 2008, Laura worked part-time for Selvedge, primarily as the editor Polly's US Marketing Representative and research assistant. She was responsible for establishing connections with artists and designers in the field, viewing and reviewing exhibitions and attending trade shows. She gained experience in marketing, writing, researching, editing and subscriptions management.

Laura continues to be engaged in the latest topics and discourse, with a focus on sustainability, as well as textile traditions from Asia. Her recent article for Selvedge, "Made in China, The Fashion Brands Redefining China's Manufacturing Industry" was published in November 2018.

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